Well I know that I really have not posted to this web site very much (1 post), and I apologize. Nut I wil try to post more often especially since we have so much more news.

The news that I am announcing today is that  I have setup a brand new web site – The Masters House.

This web site is about the improvements and projects that we are going to do to our  new house.

These improvements might be anything from changing the type of light bulb that we use for energy purposes to building a deck in the back yard.

Some of the projects that you will see on this web site will be –

  • How to build a wood deck
  • How to build a brick planter
  • How to build a children's jungle gym
  • How to build a wall to add a room to your house
  • How to seal grout for tile floors
  • How to install sealing fans
  • How to water seal your wood fence

All these things will be done by me even though I am not a contractor.

Stop by and check it out.

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