I sat done to play Battlefield 2 this past weekend and noticed that their were not that may servers available to connect to. That could only mean one thing – EA released an update.

NP I saw as I go to the EA web site and download the incremental patch. I few minutes later I am installed and booting into the game.

The first thing I notice is that it is taking a long time for the server list to update. Then, one it is done my pings for every server are high – way high, about 2-3 times higher then usual.

Not thinking that this is such a big deal I choose a server and the map begins to load. After I spawn I immediately notice the intense lag – lag that is so bad the game is not playable. I check another server or 2 and the same thing.

I then startup a single player game and it crashes to the desktop within 5 minutes. Lovely.

This patch was released on 4.25.06 and it is now 6.6.06. it has been almost 2 weeks that I have not been able to play the game because EA biffed the patch. The only word from them is –

Community Update – 6/2/06

Attention Soldiers and Server Admins!

The teams here at DICE and at EA want to take a moment to acknowledge that we are aware of the issues that some are experiencing with the latest release.

We are continuing our work to review and find potential solutions to the problems affecting many players and server admins. We are also reviewing recent changes to servers and gameplay.

While we continue our work internally we want to remind everyone to keep using the EA forums to provide feedback. We review the comments in these and other forums regularly while we consider the direction of Battlefield.

We also want to assure to the mod community that we understand the difficulties you have worked through and we are continuing to look for ways to help everyone and find ways to promote all of the mods and their hard working teams.

As always keep your eyes to this space for all the latest Battlefield News.

Thank you,
/The team at Dice and EA

That is really weak. Basically they are saying – Whoops! We really screwed up but we do not know how to fix it right now so please be patient and do not play the game that you paid $50 for. Nice.

Well at least I can watch videos of playing BF2. This one is my favorite –

Battlefield 2 Lego Style

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