I was really excited when Google Calendar came out until I tried using the notification feature. I was never able to get it to send the notification on time if at all to my Sprint phone even though I could get them from my BackPackit account.

With my switching to Netvibes they have a iCal function that can read the Google Calendar so I decided to try it again. Again I was not getting notifications so i did a search and found this post – Google Calendar reminders with Verizon phones.

Basically it allows you to send an e-mail through your GMail account to your phone instead of the SMS service. Nice.

So I set it up and all of a sudden I was getting 2 messages on my phone – 1 via email from my GMail account and the other via SMS from Google Calendar. For some reason Google Calendar decided to let SMS work for me.

I then tried disabling the e-mail notification and the SMS still worked – weird but cool.

What is even cooler is that you can add events to your calendar now via SMS. All you have to is text your event to 78368 – Dinner at 6:30pm on Saturday – and it will add it to your calendar and send you a confirmation.

I am happy now. I now have centralized calendar that I can use from my phone and computer that I can even see on my start page 🙂 .

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