I was awoken this morning at 6am by the constant barking of my neighbor’s dog. Trust me, this is not the first time this dog has gone on it’s lonely quest of the constant bark. No, this is a daily quest.

The worst part about this is that my neighbors are immune to the bark because they never tell the dog to shut up.

This puts my in an awkward place as a neighbor. Do I be a jerk and call the association or the police? Do I hose the dog down at will?

Not if I want to be at piece with my neighbor and their dog.

I have dealt with this issue effectively before at another house and will implement it again here. I will go to Walmart and by a $2 box of the Ol’Roy dog treats. Then every time he starts barking I tell will ssshhhhhh then when he does, through a treat or 2 over the fence.

Works like a charm.

Within a week their should be minimum barking.

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