As cool as of an idea as it is I was disappointed with my first Valleyschwag Care Package. The cause of my disappoint I think is based on the fact that Valleyschwag has become so successful so quick.

When I signed up I was expecting to get to get schwag from “The Companies” from around the valley but my package mostly consisted of schwag from Rubyred Labs. Now don’t get me wrong, the stuff was cool, but I just do not see how these guys are going to be able to pull it off month after month when they are relying on getting free schwag from companies to distribute.

The other thing that kind of irked me is that they want you to be come a Valleyschwag Deputy if you want to get the good stuff. Basically a deputy is a person that they feel stands out and so gets on the “the good list”. I think it would have been better to just send out the rare stuff randomly and let the “look what I got” posts come in naturally.

So for now I have fired off an e-mail on how to cancel. I have been charged for the the second month already so we will see how they handle that.

P.S. It seems that I am not the only one that was disappointed –

P.P.S. – It really did not take long to find the posts above. There are more out there, I just wanted to have a good reference.

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