Over the weekend I checked back to see if EA games had posted a fix for the 1.3 patch that they released lately (See my post – EA Games and the Infamous 1.3 Update). Yet after 2 weeks still nothing from EA Games.

As a recap, the 1.3 update rendered the majority of paying customers in capable of playing Battlefield 2 online. The reason was terrible server performance resulting in a lot of lag. Because of the inability to play online I decided to explorer the single player portion of the game.

I had found a cool web site that several single player maps to download and install to make single player play bearable.

Well it seems that the 1.3 patch also affected single player play also. The game would crash to the desktop upon launching the map or within 5 minutes of play – wonderful.

Therefore, in my “play time” I reformatted my hard drive and played with Windows Vista Beta 2 for a while. I could not get a driver for my wireless adapter so I also did a fresh install of XP. I did not reinstall BF2.

In fact, I will not be reinstalling BF2 or purchasing the new Armored Fury Expansion Pack that is out (even though the new copters look cool 😦 ). In fact I decided that I am not even going to purchase Battlefield 2142 when it comes out.

I have decided that I am not going to subject myself or waste my money on a company how does crappy work. My game worked fine before their little update. My computer exceeds their “minimum requirements” for proper gameplay yet because they want to rush out an update to get an expansion pack out I cannot play the game – at all (You must have the 1.3 update to play the new expansion pack).

To some it up – EA sucks and will not be purchasing another PC game from you – burn me once shame on you – burn me twice – shame on me.

If anything I will be looking into an Xbox sometime in the future. And yes, I know that EA makes games for Xbox and yes, I will probably purchase an Xbox version game from them. Why? Because they won’t be able to screw the game up with a stupid “Update”.

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