Well my subscription is officially canceled with a refund of $14.95 back to my PayPal account.

I have to say that the Valleyschag people are cool, real cool, this is why – they refunded my cash but they also responded to my previous post – Canceling My Subscription to Valleyschwag.

In their comment they apologized for my disappointment and emphasized their commitment to hard work for the customer. They also addressed my comment about getting a lot of Rubyred schwag – I was wrong. I guess their logo looks very similar to the Web 2.0 logo – Sorry guys.

I think their customer service is good and I think that it is important to any Web 2.0 company that they daily scan the blog scene to see what is being said about their company. Rubyred is doing that.

If they can keep the schwag following I have no doubt that they will be very successful.

Rubyred – I hope I am kicking myself a year from now for canceling my subscription.

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