Staff Search Healthcare in Austin, TX is a terrible staffing company. They totally lied to my wife in regards to position that she was supposed to start at.

This is a copy of the complaint that I field with the Better Business Bureau n behalf of my wife –

I was offered a job with by Staff Search to work for a Medical Clinic for Seton. The position they offered was a 3 month temp to hire position as a medical coder. I showed up at the the position and found out that it was a 3 week temp position only as a front desk receptionist.

I left the job because it was not what I was promised.

I called Tiffany which was the person at Staff Search who offered the position, and she was upset that I had left. I explained to her that it was not the position that she promised and she was unapologetic. Because I accepted this position I turned down 2 other interviews that I now cannot attend.

If you are looking for a medical position in Austin, I would stay away from Staff Search Healthcare.

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