You may have noticed that I have not been posting here for the last week or so. The reason for this is that I have really gotten into making money from blogging and so the majority of my posts have been filler posts of paid posts. I even did some paid posts on this site.

What happened though was that I found out that the Terms of Service for state basically that you cannot use their service to make money. I found this out because someone else was using a blog to do the same thing and they had their blog shut down.

I was not aware of this in the TOS until then or I would have never done that here. I really like WordPress and so I am willing to abide by their rules.

Therefore this has become my real personal blog because it will not have any paid posts, affiliates, or ads on it. In all honesty I like it. Sometimes we need a little restriction in order to have what we really want.

Anyway, I am not really sure what that means for this site but one thing is for sure, I am not going to abandon it.

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