As mentioned in one of my other blogs I do not usually blog about work because that can be a big no-no for most employers. I think that it really comes down to what you put on your blog. The rule that I will stick to is – don’t write anything that you would not tell them in person.

So anyway I am happy to say that today is one of many “research days” that I have been given to develop something new that has to do with my position. The reason why this is significant is that I was hired over 6 months ago to develop this “solution” and have not worked on it until today.

The reason for the change was that there was some tension in the office over the other work that I was doing and I was honestly pretty frustrated. I was not doing what I primarily hired to do which was this new solution. I had a meeting with my boss who sensed the tension and he came up with the idea of working on the new project 1 day a week. Cool.

Anyway I know that I am being criptive in my lack of detail but oh well, I like my job and as much as I like to blog my job is not worth it. Just use your imagination.

Anyway, to sum it up I am working on new stuff on Fridays at work an it is cool.