I have been getting coupon after coupon from Harbor freight over the last few weeks in which there has been something that I could really use. The coolest thing about that is the items that I have been buying have all been under $10. Some are as cheap as $0.99!

Anyway, it is cool to be able to have a little extra cash that I can spend on things that I know I will need in the future to build cool things out of wood.

Another cool place is the Black and Decker outlet store. I needed a 1/2 drill to drill holes in the cement for the room that I building. Everywhere I went want about $50 for this drill (even a B & D brand drill).

So last weekend I stopped by the outlet mall. I went in and saw the saw drill I saw everywhere else but it was $60. I decided to walk around a little and then saw the exact same drill for $30. The difference was that the $30 one was refurbished but still carries a 2 years warranty. The $60 one was just brand new.

The other cool thing was that the drill is also a hammer drill also. This is specifically for drilling into masonry. On top of that when I was checking out the guy asked if I needed some bits to go along with it because the had them on sale. I ended up getting 6 different sized carbide tip masonry drill bits for $7. That is a bonus because the outside of my house is brick so the different sizes will come in handy.

Anyway, Harbor Freight and the Black and Decker outlet are my places to shop for tools.