As you know I have been on the fast track the last 3 months in trying to learn how to make money off of the couple of blogs that I have (I was doing that on this one until I found out the TOS did not allow it). In that 3 months I have made almost $1K which isn’t bad. The only thing is that now blogging is a job instead of something that I do for fun.

Sure, the money is cool – who wouldn’t want an extra thousand bucks in their pocket? The thing is though that my blogs have been taken over by making money so now the posts are forced instead of just being about… whatever. This is the reason why I haven’t touched any of my blogs in the last week, I just was tired of having to come up with stuff.

Anyway, this blog is my true personal blog where I can rant like this and not feel like I have to force out a post.

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