So after my late night post – Taking the Fun Out of Blogging – I starting think more on where I went wrong and figured it out. The reason that it sucked to put all that work into the blogs and not be fulfilled was not I had nothing to show for it.

Out of the $1k I only have $40 of it right now with about $300 still due to me. The money went to take care of some bills and other projects around the house and that other $300 was scheduled to be spent in the same manner. See when you take your fun time and turn it into work time it sucks. So in talking with the wife that $300 is not going to be spend on projects, it Will be spent on me 🙂 .

That puts the fun back into blogging becuase now I get to dream up what I am going to do with the money that I spend my free fun time to earn. I am thinking an Xbox for Christmas ;-).

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