I just remembered while I was at lunch that it was 10 years ago this month that I met my wife. I had seen her around before but it was the month of November that we actually started talking. I won’t go into the story of how she cornered me after church one night to talk to me 😉 . No I will talk about this woman I love and have been married to for over 7 years.

To put it simply, she is the love on my life. She is the person that I was looking for but I didn’t even know that I was looking. She is not only my wife but she is my best friend. As her best friend one thing that stands out about her is her love of flowers. It was very evident to me how much she loves them when that night that we met she gave me a little cutout of some kittens surrounded by flowers.

Over the years I have given her flowers in various forms and fashions but never really knew the meanings of the flowers that I was giving her. Recently I found these Flower Meanings which now gives me the insight to my gifts.

For instance, the red rose (which I usually give her) symbolizes beauty and perfection which describes her to a T. The pink rose is a  symbol of grace and elegance and is often given as an expression of admiration.

I could go on and on but now when I get flowers for her I can make the moment even more romantic my adding meaning to the flowers that I give her.

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