So I came across this Hercules Hook thing on TV and wondered if it actually works.

I quick search and I found a television station that tested and had great results. I wrote more about what they found while testing the Hercules Hook at my dan.idano blog. Basically they found that the Hercules Hook lived up to it claims.

First thing they tested was to see in the Hercules Hook was as easy to use as they claimed. The news anchor was able to get the hook into the wall without any tools just as the commercial claimed.

Second they tested to see how much weight it could handle. The got some of the heaviest things that they could find and hung them on the wall with flying colors. The Hercules Hook claims that it can hold up to 150lbs but they did not have anything that heavy to test. As mentioned in there show you need to make sure that your wall can first support that kind of weight.

I think that it is pretty cool that this news station takes the time to make sure that these things work as they are advertised. I also found a company that sells them for a good price. You can head over to my post – Hercules Hook – The Strength of Hercules in a Hook
– to get that link.

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