Before I wrote the last post those thoughts were going though my head again – “Why do I have this blog?”. Those thoughts keep running through my head because I have my other blog – dan.idano – that I post to on a regular basis.

Then I remembered the reason.

I have been posting almost daily to my other blog over the past 6 months and am at the point to where I have over 200 posts on it. If you average that I actually am averaging more then 1 post a day but I will go a week sometimes in between posts.

The reward of doing that much posting is that my site gets crawled daily if not more then once a day. Because it gets crawled so often my content is up on Google quickly and is ranking quite well. In fact i went from a page rank 0 to a page rank 5 on that blog in less then 6 months.

Part of that may be due to the fact that I have owned the domain for a couple years though and my dan.idano blog is a sub-domain. The main site only has a page rank of 4 but I do not post there as often. Nevertheless, I have see a direct correlation to the amount of posts that I do to the response that I get from the Google Search Engine.

That brings me back to this blog – why do I have it?

The reason that I still have it is that it is a tool. I am not too active in SEO or in setting up sites right now but I may be in the future. When you setup a new site you need other sites to link to it in order for it to get indexed. That is what this site is for. I guarantee you that if I setup a new site today and mention it here that within a week the new site will be indexed.

Now the success would not just come from this site listing it but from this site and the other sites that I have. In total I have 10 other blogs that I post to on different domains and services. This does not count the several sites that I have setup that I have pretty much abandoned since I like WordPress.

This does not even count a couple of domain names that I am sitting on that I have not anything with. These domains are from past business ventures that no longer exist but site have a page or 2 floating out there. I keep them because having a domain registered for a few years is a valuable thing. If I needed to get something major up I could have these sites going in a matter of days and know the search engines would eat them up and index them well.

So to sum it all up the reason why I am keeping this blog is so that I can have a couple of well oiled tools in my arsenal in order to bust rankings when needed. In fact I just thought of a post that I could use some inbound links to so I feel another post coming on.

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