After you read this you will probably say that it wasn’t that bad and really, it wasn’t, but I am really feeling it today and probably feel it all this week.

What happened?

It is probably what didn’t happen this weekend and the week leading up to it. What didn’t happen is that I really did not get too much rest. Every night of the week leading up to the weekend I had some meeting or other Item that kept me out until 8-9pm. Then I would get home hand with the kids and the wife before crashing to bed.

The other thing that did happen was that I did not any good nights of sleep. My youngest son still wakes up in the night and he is in our room so I wake up even though my wife takes care of him. Then I still wake up early in the morning to get to work.

Once the weekend came I was already tired and could have used the rest that the weekend is supposed to provide but I was booked solid.

Saturday I had a meeting with my classmates for our term project that lasted 2 hours. I then headed over to work to do my homework which took me another 2 hours to figure out what I needed to do. The actual homework only took 20 minutes go figure.

Sunday was my oldest son’s birthday party so I was busy putting together toys for him and filming the whole event. During that time I also reinstalled the OS on my bro-in-law’s computer since it was smoked.

I was able to get about a hour’s nap in the afternoon which helped me feel alright for about 3 hours. My wife then needed to get milk at the store. 1 hour later and a basket full of stuff we got back home at almost 11pm.

I was really tired and crashed out only to walk up this morning to feel my body acting like it is a log. I mean it is already noon and I still fell like I could go to sleep for the rest of the day.

The weird part is that I have already gotten a lot of work done today which is strange. Maybe I am to tired to be interested in anything else. Hey, maybe I found a new way to be productive at work. Cool – comatose.