I am trying to be a better blogger across all of my blogs.

Some of the ways that I am trying to do this is:

  • Post of a more consistent basis per blog
    • Some of my blogs I will post multiple times a day and others once a week. Regardless I am striving to be consistent.
  • Add more visuals to each post.
    • The majority of my posts have been all text and very boring visually. I have invested time (not money) in a simple screen capture program to help me with this.
  • Add subheaders to long posts
    • This also helps in the visual area
  • Add more list based information
    • Again, this helps visually
  • Stick to the Blog’s theme
    • Instead of posting about everything on all my blogs I am going to reign myself back and put the right information in the right spot

It is a pretty long list of items but hopefully by doing this my content will be more interesting and I will pick up are larger subscriber base.

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