I was going to do a post at the beginning of the year proclaiming my New Years resolution to start going to the gym but never got around to it (the post, I did start exercising).

Anyway I have been going to the little community gym that my home owners associates provides (with our dues). I have worked out for a 1/2 hour each on the cross country ski machine, bike, and the treadmill. I have burnt a whole 850 calories in the 3 days that I have been working out – cool.

I was doing a fine with everything and not pushing myself too much but once I got to work today I am feeling it. I am worn out and my legs are really sore. Sore enough to where I think I am going to sit tomorrow and the weekend out.

Anyway, the reason for my commitment to exercise is because I saw myself on my son’s birthday video from a month ago and I am not looking too good weight wise. I have been wanting to start exercising but never lasted more then a dew days.

The difference this time is that I am setting any “lose 20 pounds in 2 months” or anything like that. My goal is to got to the gym every morning if possible. After today I realize that I may need to work myself up to that but everyday is the goal (except Sundays I think, it is the “day of rest” and all that). I figure if I get exercise into my daily habit that the side effect will be losing weight. Another side effect is that I will eat better also as there is something inside of you that when you are exercising does not want to eat that Twinkie or french fries.

So anyway, there is my announcement. It is not a 2007 thing or anything but just a “I am going to do this for now on”.