As mentioned yesterday I think my body was done with working out for the week and was letting me know yesterday morning. I started to feel better as the day went on. Today I am feeling really good.

As far as the eating thing is going I was BAD last night. When I got home I was hungry and my wife didn’t have anything prepared so she made me some quesadillas (corn tortillas and monterey jack cheese yum). I ate those but they weren’t enough and I am not a person who cooks. Therefore I grabbed the ranch dip from the fridge and the Ruffles and went to town. Then the kids were restless so while taking them for a drive the wife wanted a mocha from Baskin Robbins.

Not a good night.

That is OK though because that was one night out of 4 when that would usually be daily occurrence for me. Therefore I am stoked. Also, there is something about when you are exercising you want to eat better. I had my first cup of coffee for this week today and I have really had a thing for water all week.

The plan is that I am going to take the weekend off and then do Monday through Thursday at the gym.