Yeah that’s right. The guy that thought he had found the golden ticket is cashing it in instead. I just got my final $10 from PayPerPost and am not owed any more money and I do not play to do any more paid posts from them.

The main reason for dropping PayPerPost is that the quality of the opportunities has really gone down. I did another check today and there are not any products that I would feel comfortable blogging about on any of my my sites. The majority of the opportunities that are available are nothing more then spam and IMO would bring down the quality of any blog.

I am happy to say that just because I am not doing paid posts with PayPerPost I am still making money from blogging. On my site I have 3 different products that I am linking to Amazon with and made $90 last month (which was my first month). I also have links that I have sold on my site and am starting to get review requests through Review Me on my site.

The good thing about all of the alternatives to PayPerPost is that I do not feel like I am spamming people by doing those things. I am making even more money from them anyway and they are definitely none intrusive. Oh! I almost forgot, I got my first check from Google a couple of days ago too for $103.10.

So as you can see I will be doing just fine without PayPerPost and will be able to build my reputation as a blogger.