So I have started to ramp up again to blogging of the various blogs that I have. My flagship blog before was my blog where I would do a lot of paid posts. Since I am not really into the paid post thing any longer that blog has died down considerably.

MacBookThe general theme of the blog was goodies and gadgets that I found around the internet. I am still into those items and have recently gotten my hands on a MacBook (which rocks) but I initially blogged about getting a Mac (or actually “not” getting a Mac) on my blog. Therefore I felt compelled to blog about my experience there.

All of this leaves my with a void of what to blog about on my blog. I mean I could think of this post here for this blog but have yet to come up with something for that blog. Oh well, I am sure something will spring up shortly.

Porch RailingIn other news I just did a cool post on the latest weekend project I did at my house. What I did was build porch railing for my covered back porch that came with my house. This way we can let the kids play out there without them getting out of site (they are still small). The might go check it out if you are interested.

School has been cruising along quite nice and I am half way through my class both in work and in time. I only have 2 more chapter tests (and homework for those chapters) and a final to go. It is 2 1/2 weeks of work that I have 4 weeks to get done – nice.

Anyway that is all that is going on in the world of Dan right now.

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