ClockI know it has been a while since my last post here but as I had mentioned before this wasn’t really going to be a blog but just a place where you could get to the rest of my blogs.

Well that is going to change now since I have changed my dan.idano blog to be about Home Improvement Tool and Toy Reviews. The main reason for the change was money – yep, that’s right – money. dan.idano is a pretty popular blog and I make some pretty good money of of it via Adsense and Amazon but I also wanted to sell links too.

In all actuality I have been selling links for several months but people are really not biting. Where they have been biting is on my “The Masters House” and my “The Masters Family” sites since these sell links under the Home Improvement section. Yep, Home Improvement is where the money is for selling links. In fact I am making $450 a month from links from those 2 sites and my Beach House Theme site. $450! Of course this rocks so I want to get in on more of that so I have changed the dan.idano site to focus on Home Improvement also.

Because of this change I do not really feel that it is as appropriate to put personal stuff on that site any longer. That is where this site comes in. I can post personal stuff here. I did not like using before because you were not allowed to make money from a blog (you still are not allowed) but since I am making money on my other sites I am not concerned about that any longer.

Therefore this is where I will be posting my meaningless ramblings for now on (everyone needs a place to just be themselves). There is no promise of quality, relevancy, or frequency because after all – this is my blog.


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