censoredWas Kidd Kraddick censored this morning for making fun of Paris Hilton?

I was listening to Jammin’ 105.9 this morning on the way to work here in Austin and Kidd was talking about the interview that Larry King did with Paris Hilton after she got out of jail. In that interview she mentioned how God causes things to happen for a reason. Larry asked her what her favorite Bible verse was and Paris didn’t have a response (obliviously because she doesn’t know any).

Kidd thought that this was petty funny and was about to play “Shotgun Triva” with the rest of the crew on the show when all of a sudden he was faded out and and a Cindy Lauper song was played instead. About 2/3’s of the way through the song they started to fade Kidd back in but then went back to the song.

At this point I was at work and did not here any more.

Did anyone else here this?

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