burning-money-2 That’s right. All of you early adopters (including me) got to pay $200 (per phone) in order to have the “privilege” of using an iPhone 2 months early.

For me I bought my 4GB iPhone for $499 15 days ago. That’s right, exactly 1 day after the famed “credit” that you can receive from either Apple or AT&T. I did go into the store and they said that they would issue a $200 credit to my AT&T account but we will see if that happens.

Remember though – I have 2 iPhone’s – the other one is my wife’s. Fortunately I bought her’s 13 days ago and was able to go into the Apple store and get the credit sent back to my credit card. This credit will at least not sting as much if I don’t get the one from AT&T.

So what do I think about all of this?

I don’t think it was the greatest move on Apple’s part.

The reason I say this is that the people that bought the iPhone when it first came out were mostly the die-hard Apple fans. These are the people like me that live and die Apple and try to covert everyone else.

With this move they have really pissed this group of people off.

On one hand it is good for Apple and the rest of everybody who was not considering an iPhone because of the price. But on the other hand you do not want alienate your core user base.

This will not turn me off from buying from Apple in the future but I will definitely be more cautious in adopting new technology from them until it has stabilized in price and function.

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