baseball I have taken the plunge and have volunteered as the “Manager” of my son’s T-Ball team. I put “Manager” in quotes because as I get deeper into this “Manager” position it actually seems to mean “Coach”. While that may not be such a big deal to most it is a big deal to be because:

  1. I have never played organized sports before (Unless you count the day I tried out for football in high school and on the same day dislocated my finger and I never showed up again)
  2. I have never seen any of my kids play organized sports before. My son will pretend to hit a ball and then run around imaginary bases – the wrong way.
  3. This is 4U team which isn’t even at the T-ball level yet, it is mostly kids dressing up in uniforms and trying to hit the ball off the T and trying not to get hit if someone is actually lucky enough to make contact with the bat.

Despite all this the league was short a couple of managers and I really wanted my kid to play so I stepped up. I was told that I would not need to coach since parents usually like to get involved and help out.

The more I get into this the more I see that I am indeed the Manager and Coach. My wife was nice enough to buy me a book on how to coach so at least I will have book smarts if not experience. The way I see it I was the only one willing to step up so I cannot see how people can complain too much (let’s hope THAT doesn’t come back to haunt me later).

While trying desperately to find some info out on the net to vanilla_ice_1help with the impending first practice I came across this funny post about Coach Danny’s Rules of Tee-Ball. It made me laugh because it is probably a good glimpse of what I am in for during the next few months. I wince at the thought of all of the kids and parent looking to me to see how we play this wonderful game.

Well I will be posting here regularly of my exciting exploits of coaching my kids 4U T-Ball Team.