Hunt a Killer Package

I have been on a real True Crime podcast kick in the last 6 months or so. I listen to Serial Killers, Real Crime Profile, True Crime Garage, and my favorite Truth & Justice. On several of these podcasts I have heard them advertise for Hunt a Killer. Each of them say that if you enjoy their podcast then you will love this interactive game.

To get started you submit an application for membership (they limit the membership) and then once approved you sign up for a monthly membership. To kick off your investigation they ship you a box of evidence from the “crime scene” to investigate. My understanding is that from there you go online and attempt to solve the crime with other member investigators.

To get you started the folks at Hunt a Killer are offering 10% through the following link – Hunt a Killer 10% Discount.

I will write more about my experience as I get my box and start my investigation thanks to Hunt a Killer.