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Amazing Butterfly Garden Pics

Test Facebook Video Embed

I can’t seem to do this on one of my self-hosted sites so I thought that I would try it here.

Here is goes –

Did it work? Not if you see code or a big blank space right above this text.


Photo Gallery Test

I’m going to have to try this out…

The Blog

You might recall the photo carousel feature we launched a few months ago. It has been incredibly popular with both bloggers and visitors, racking up over three quarters of a billion views since then. Today, we’re happy to announce we’re launching v2 of Carousel with significant improvements:

  • Images are served double-resolution (Retina!) for visitors on capable devices, like the iPad 3 or Retina Macbook Pro. (Best, laptop, ever.)
  • Comments! Visitors can now comment directly on each photo.
  • Likewise, you can now like or reblog every individual image.
  • You can now select a light or dark theme for your photos to be showcased on.
  • If your camera includes EXIF metadata, like aperture, lens, and shutter speed, we now show that next to the photo. (You can toggle this off under Settings → Media if you prefer.)
  • We’ve improved performance so it loads and moves faster on browsers old and new.

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Am I Goofy or What? I Came to Work on a National Holiday and There is No One in My Office

mlkYep, I am sitting at my work right now. It is quiet, dark, surreal. Yes, I got up this morning (earlier then usual even!) and came into work on Martin Luther King day.

It is not that I do not celebrate what MLK did for this country, it is just that I have been so busy that I missed today somehow.

Oh well, this is an extra day off that I just got so I will take advantage of it and get some work done to try and stay ahead of the curve.

Happy MLK day!

Vintage Exterior Front Doors for Ranch and Bungalow Homes

pasadena_a-med A friend of mine at work recently renovated his house and was looking to replace his front door with a 1960s era door.  He searched high and low and could not find anyone that produced this type of door. He was in the process of having one made when the light bulb went one – “I bet there are others just like me that are looking for similar doors.” – he thought and Crestview Doors was born.

Crestview Doors specializes in 1950s to 1960s vintage – mid century – front entrance doors. They are great for ranch and bungalow homes that are being renovated. Their modern doors with a vintage look are the perfect addition to any restoration project.

The main styles of doors that they have are:

  • Modern Ranch/Rambler, Mid-century  – Modern 1950’s and 1960’s
  • Fabulous Fifties – Mid to late 1950’s
  • Post-war Vernacular – Late 1940’s/Early 1950’s

Their prices are reasonable and they have free shipping within the US (Hawaii and Alaska cost extra). They have over 30 doors to choose from so you are bound to find something that will look perfect for your house.

I Took a Little Break From Blogging

_41752700_siesta416 Really, I am not sure how many people really read this blog so I am sure I wasn’t really missed, but, I took a break from blogging.

I know, that breaks all the rules of a “good” blogger but I never claimed to be a good blogger so those rules do not apply.

Anyway, the main reason for the break is that I have been having a lot of things going on personally. The things have not been bad – there have just been a lot.

To start off with I made 2 trips to Phoenix and 1 trip to Dallas all within 2 weeks. Then I have had a big time project at work that I have had to manage so I have been working (and stressing) extra there. Then on top of it for the past week we have been working with a Mortgage broker in order to setup a mortgage for a second house (yes, I said second).

As you can imagine all these have been keeping me pretty busy.

Anyway, I am back now and will try to be a little more “professional” by blogging more often.  

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This Commercial is #$%^&(_& Awesome

My bro-in-law sent me a link to this @$&*^#!@ awesome commercial.

Enjoy –

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